Friday, December 20, 2013

New Blog Schedule

After getting the first topic for the #2014bloggerchallenge, it made me motivated to start posting more.
I had a thought to start making my blog a bit more broad. I think that's why I don't so much because I'm on a bit of a makeup no buy. So what would I blog about then?
I came up with a new schedule that's a bit broader, but will still include makeup and beauty products. Here are the details:
-Motivational Monday: just to start the week off with happy thoughts
-Tag Tuesday: tags are fun, so why not?
-Wild Card Wednesday: whatever you request or comes to my mind
-Truthful Thursday: a day for reviews of anything.
-Favorites Friday: my favorite things of the week
I like the schedule because it will let me plan ahead. On that note, if you have any request please let me know for the wild card Wednesdays.
I hope you all like the new schedule since there hasn't been one since I've started.
--love always--

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  1. please check out this tag I created for Tag Tuesday