Friday, May 31, 2013

Upcoming posts

So I'm sitting at work wishing I could finally post something on my blog. Only problem is blogger is blocked on my work computer. I decided to download the blogger app on my phone and that's how this is being posted.
Back to the point on hand. Since I don't want to use my camera on my phone to do reviews, I decided I'd make a list of all the upcoming posts.
Posts to Come:
- May Favorites
- May Haul
- First Impression of the Studio 35 Beauty Blending Sponge
- Review of Nioxin
- Colors of the Rainbow tag
- First Impression of Cover girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polishes
- Review of Lorac Glogetter palette
- 50 random facts about me
- Empties/Products I've used up
- Products I regret buying
That seems like enough for now. If you have any requests or anything, please feel free to email me or tweet me!!
I hope you all have a beautiful Friday!
Love always,
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